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“ My parents love, my Brazilian childhood portrayal ”

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Uma and Leopold: The story began in the late 70s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founder Lara’s dad a leather craftsman for some of the most distinguished stores in the city, she grew up in the family atelier surroundings, and early on started producing her own hand made clothing lines in Rio.

When Lara crossed the Brazilian borders and first moved to Bali to embrace the opportunity to continue her father’s trade, she was mesmerised by all that the island gifted her with its magic and beauty. Fascinated by the Indonesian culture and dedicated to nurturing gifted local artisans on the island, she eventually creating her own brand - Always keeping faith in her beliefs and values. Her parents’ dedication to their craft and her Brazilian heritage still heavily influence the way she approaches her work to date.

lara, owner of uma and leopold

“ There is always so much to be grateful for,
so much to learn from others,
and so much to explore. ”

Lara's vision has always encompassed something greater than clothing. Uma and Leopold was her way to express all that she had learned from her father and use her strong will and dedication to make it happen. Meanwhile, she establishes lasting bonds with the people that inspire her on the island of Bali, from honouring the traditional art of cut-out embroidery - Kerawang, an art that has been handed down from generation to generation as far back as the 17th century, to giving back to local children in rural areas.
Each Uma and Leopold piece is uniquely handcrafted by local artisans, and can take up to a month for creation. The delicate beading and meticulous details reflect the brand’s unique handmade techniques.

Uma and Leopold is the portrayal of Lara’s life. Of her childhood in Brazil, and of the rich Indonesian values that inspire her every single day.


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