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“Honoring life inside out, cherishing the art of giving“

At Uma and Leopold, we feel the importance to engage with our community and nourish the relationship with our surroundings.
The more we as a brand expand, the more responsible we are becoming for what we create, how we create, where we create.
There are no words to express our appreciation for the resources we have available to us as a label - The plenty of blessings offered by the island, by the people, by its beliefs and culture, by its visitors and all equal contributors to Uma and Leopold’s achievements. Without the support and care for our little ‘World of Uma’,
we wouldn’t have been able to create and share for all these years.

terima kasih products

Most of us, whether living or just visiting the island of Gods, can identify the Indonesian ‘terima kasih’, a thank you that translates to ‘receiving and giving’,
a profound realisation on the expression of gratitude.
In resonance with what we stand for, we have embarked on a new project: Receive to give, putting our own twist on 'terima kasih’.
We return gratitude with gratitude, and with this in mind, we have come up with the ‘terima kasih’ series - All of its proceeds go back to making a difference within our community.

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With gratitude for all that it’s given us. Focusing initially on the island of Bali, for it is home and start of the label, the aim is to take the ‘terima kasih’ mission to an international level.

Projects we support: Breast cancer program, Kids cancer institute, Kopan monks education,..

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