Giving Back and Celebrating Life During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness month

Raising Cognizance During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Terima Kasih Collection is all about the acts of TERIMA (“receive”) and KASIH (“give”), as well as the expression of one’s gratitude to the world, others, and ourselves.
A full-fledged effort, it
is a contribution to this October’s widely known Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Uma and Leopold is learning more and more about how to solidify itself as a quality fashion brand, and as one that inspires others to take care of themselves and their bodies.
On top of all this, founder and cancer survivor Lara Braga believes that “there is always so much to be grateful for, to learn from others, and to explore.”
This cause is one that’s very close to her heart. And so, she goes above and beyond. Through her brand, she tries to offer assistance in any way she can.

For the whole month of October,
10% of its sale from all collections and 15% of sales from the Terima Kasih collection
will be directed towards charity programs
such as the Breast Cancer Program and Kids Cancer Institute.

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A timely reminder, the Terima Kasih Collection shows us that life, as our greatest teacher, is continuously evolving. Each handmade and handcrafted piece conveys not only design or art but also meaning. All of this stems from Uma and Leopold’s initiative to engage with the local community, the determination to give back, and, most of all, appreciate the overall mission journey of “making a difference”. After all, once we begin with small, random acts of kindness,
do we figure out how to push boundaries and take more significant steps.

A Beautiful Heritage

Through a lifetime of witnessing love, her family’s Brazilian heritage, and the beauty of the Balinese culture, Lara Braga has always had an unquenchable zest for life.
Growing up in ateliers in the 70s, her father’s influence as a great leather craftsman allowed her to pursue her handmade clothing line in Rio de Janeiro.
The rest was history. Today, her personal experiences have transcended beyond the Brazilian borders. 

lara and son

In championing her father’s legacy and the magical island of Bali, her fascination with love and the gift of life are evident through the handcrafted pieces she creates, with local Balinese artisans, for Uma and Leopold. Embroidered with unique life stories, the Bali-based fashion brand is dedicated to portraying all these through quality craftsmanship and intricate details such as delicate beading, and rural Balinese techniques such as the Kerawang.

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