“It's a homage to my parents love, my Brazilian childhood portrayal ”

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Uma and Leopold: The story began in the late 70s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founder Lara’s father was a leather craftsman for some of the most distinguished stores in the city. Hence, she grew up in the family atelier environment. Following her father’s footsteps, she started producing her handmade clothing lines in Rio at an early age.

Lara crossed the Brazilian borders and first moved to Bali to embrace the opportunity to continue her father’s trade. She was immediately fascinated by the Indonesian culture,
art scene, and artisanship. Not long after, Uma and Leopold was born. The brand name is a homage to her parents love, to her Brazilian childhood memories.

lara of uma and leopold

The uniqueness of the garments it's the result of craftsmanship Balinese artwork that women can wear for many years to come.


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