Clutch Ipanema with Stud

This versatile leather clutch with hand strap is ideal for any wear, whether an elegant evening number or comfi jeans - tee combo. It is decorated with studs in metal and denim lining.

One size only
Width: 26 cm
Height: 18 cm

Cleaning Instructions:
How to treat your leather garments and to minimize damage

Water and soap
Brush off dirt or dust with a damp cloth or soft brush.
Stroke only in one direction.
Wipe soap off with dry cloth.
Apply a non-silicone water and stain repellent.
Store in cool place to avoid mold

non-silicone based water and stain repellent spray will not seal the pores of leather, felt, suede, or nubuck. It is formulated to coat the fibers of the material, allowing the treated item to breathe. It minimizes damage by retarding the absorption of liquids.