We caught up with Brazilian doctor

this month, Bianca Ciabattari 

to talk about Ayuverdic path,

her perspective on holistic and

integrative healing.


bianca ciabattari


How did your interest in Ayurvedic practices start? 

I started to deepen my practice and studies about Yoga on the same year I started Medicine School. After a few months my whole perspective about healing shifted to a more holistic and integrative healing. I was lead naturally to Ayurveda as it is a part of the yogic path, and fell in love with it.

The idea of preventing diseases and more, balancing your body and mind together to have a more satisfying and fulfilling life, made me realise that this was the path I wanted to follow.

This beautiful science of life, connects the knowledge about spirituality, where you cannot separate body, mind and soul. Understanding the being as a whole entity to treat and promote wellness I began to study more for myself and to help others. 

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Can you explain briefly, what is Ayurveda and how did it transform your life as a doctor?

As a doctor graduated in conventional Medicine School Ayurveda changed everything for me.

As a science that sees digestion, nutrition, thoughts, emotions and healthy habits as the main characters for well being and longevity, Ayurveda opened my mind and brought so much awareness about myself.

An holistic and deep approach that brings true healing and empower us to be the responsible of our own health. Thru millenarian practices and natural herbs and oils, Ayurveda is capable of treating chronic diseases that conventional medicine finds obstacles due to the toxic side effects of drugs when taken for a long term. Conventional medicine usually acts to silence the symptoms while our bodies are trying to communicate with us, showing that there’s an imbalance that needs attention.

When you silence the symptoms you miss a huge part of the information to true healing.
Understanding the causes of the unbalances is crucial to heal body, mind and Soul. 

Do you have any recommendation of a daily recipe to do before you eat anything? Such as tea or drink with anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant elements?

Yes. There are two good options to drink at day and at night. 

Before going to bed you can prepare yourself a nice cup of warm almond or coconut milk with a tea spoon of nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon. Nutmeg acts as a relaxing agent and improves our sleep quality and cinnamon is a great spice to regulate blood sugar.


During the day or in the evening as well you can prepare a Golden Milk, a milenar beverage with almond or coconut milk and turmeric, black pepper (to increase turmeric absorption), cinnamon and honey (or coconut nectar).

Acts as a potent anti inflammatory and relieves stress, improves mood, prevents cell damage, boosts immune system, support brain function and memory among other benefits. I like to substitute the convencional cow milk for a vegan milk due to lactose’s bad effects on our gut and health in general, besides all the chemicals and the problem from the big industry that exploits the animals. 


Living in Bali, what would you recommend to people in general to maintain good health?

First of all is about mindset and awareness. Self awareness brings you the capacity to start making wise choices for your life. Everything you eat, watch, read or consume either fights disease or feed it.

We have to choose well what is best for our bodies and stay true to our selves. Self knowledge is a powerful tool to our well being. Loving yourself is the greatest remedy of all. When you start taking care of yourself and nourishing your Soul all your life changes. A beautiful thing here in Bali is that we have many tools of holistic medicine to experiment and see what suit us the best in our journey. 

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What do you do on your spare time? Where do you like to go?

I spend a lot of time on nature. I do yoga everyday, meditate, cook nourishing meals, surf longboard, go on trips with my friends, free dive with wild animals, read good books, hang out with my beloved ones and see as many sunsets as possible :) life in Bali is inspiring! I love going to the beach, to the spa and to the cliffs by the ocean. 



Why Uma and Leopold ?

I love the natural fabrics and the raw colors. This is very important to me. The touch of silk, 100% cotton and linen in the skin is just amazing. I love the quality and I love the fact that I feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. Makes me feel empowered using clothes made from an inspiring brand like Uma & Leopold.


Check her upcoming retreat Brahmani in November 2022 

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