We caught up with Paz Fourcard ~

hardworking mom and entrepreneur

gives us a glimpse of her life in Bali

and tells us more about going back to basics.




  • What do you love most about being a woman and a mother?
I love the resilience of a woman and strength of a mother. That she remains steadfast in her dedication to her family, her children and her devotion to her husband. The family is most important to her and it is her focus. Her universe.

I love being able to balance life in so many ways and multi-performing.
Being a hardworking woman following her heart and being inspired with life and her dreams.

For me, being a mother is a blessing and humbling journey. I love being a mother but I also love being a woman. I tell my children, husband and friends that my family is my priority but I am always number one. 

I can’t give what I don’t have and I need to be fulfilled, happy and inspired on my own to be a good wife and mother. I believe in being well-rounded and being multi-faceted is something that’s important to me. 

  • Who inspires you?
People who remain calm and positive in the most difficult situations. 

Intelligent people who have followed their instincts and dreams regardless of the impossibility of the situation.
My parents. 

  • What do you do at home to stay inspired? What activities do you like to do at home with your family or yourself?
My life is very busy and I start the days early. I have a baby so I’m up before I want to be. So I make sure there’s always good coffee at home. 

I spent breakfast with my entire family. All the boys. Before they wake up my husband and I spend time together. Talk about the day, what our individual plans are and what we’ll do to reconvene at the end of the day. We go about our days and I work.

I always spend lunch with my second son Amare. That’s our bonding time. 

I always make it a point to stop working by 5 pm.
We make dinner together and cooking and eating is a big deal in our house. 
After dinner the kids and I take a bath together. 
To bond and enjoy. Then when the last story is told, we say goodnight. My husband and I spend time to watch our favorite series or movie. 
I spend time doing some self care with my creams and lotions before I go to bed. A little pampering and I read the news or poetry before I sleep. 

  • is there any book you recommend now to read at home?
I love poetry and I feel it gives keeps me grounded and in love with life at the same time. 
I feel it helps me dream, believe and stay strong. 
It makes me see the beauty in life and how challenging times can bring about faith. 

  • Tell us more about your brand Bebinca
I wanted to create something simple, constant, essential and stylish. 
During the pandemic, I got inspired with going back to basics and I want to inspire women to fall in love with what is natural and what comes from the earth. 
They are designed for modern women, modern needs but with homage to our roots, the ground, the earth.

bebinca bali

Thank you Uma and Leopold for this interview, I really love the Brand, I love how I can wear them always and again because of the timeless style. I feel there’s a such feminine energy to the designs that’s part rock and roll. Strong and beautiful. 
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