December 2017

Vintage Fashion Inspiration

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A remarkable change has happened in the last couple of years - people have started to move away from cheap, mass-produced, not-so-Fairtrade fashion and have been rather opting for unique styles. Thus, vintage fashion became popular again - its amazing shapes, colors and details are undeniable eye-catching and suit for almost everyone. [...]

November 2017

Did you know that Bali is full of talented artisans?

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An artisan is essentially a manual worker who creates different items with his or her hands. Due to his talent and experience, these items are both functional and genuinely beautiful. It has changed since the industrial revolution in Bali, however before that, practically everything was made by artisans, from potters to smiths (locksmiths, gunsmiths, [...]

October 2017

Style Tips: The Best Footwear For Maxi Skirts

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Being an amazingly practical and comfy fashion staple, long skirts or also known as maxi skirts are a perfect choice for almost any occasion. They are feminine and flattering; and thanks to their versatility, they can create romantic, soft and even relaxed vibe - they perfectly work with a wide variety of tops and [...]

History of Belts

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Belts are a key accessory for the most of us - we probably even have many different ones in diverse colours and styles. Have you ever been wondering where they come from, who invented them? Ancient Times Well, the roots of belts go back to ancient times. There have always been a [...]

Why we love to use eco-friendly packaging

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It is safe to say that we can't ignore the fact that Mother Earth has been having some difficult time lately. Our air is polluted, our seas are anything but clean in many parts of the world, and rainforests are being exploited as we speak. Nevertheless, every day we have the possibility to choose [...]

The Surprising History of Ruffle Dresses

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Ruffled blouses and dresses are nowadays a statement of delicate womanhood; they have an especially feminine flair. However, it wasn't always like that. Ruffles were once worn by royalty and revolutionaries of both genders and were a symbol of strength and exceptional power. Funnily enough, the association between frills and effeminacy is [...]

The Latest Fall

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Winter Fashion Trends That You Don't Wanna Miss The fall/winter fashion trends have some exciting and unusual news for us. Of course, let's dive in right away and start with the unusual ones. Well, designers have broken down the boundaries this season and quit with the good old system of one style [...]